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WellMax Kitchen Cabinet Pull Out Waste Bin WWB 27

WellMax Kitchen Cabinet Pull Out Waste Bin WWB 27

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  • Attractive design: Made of corrosion-resistant coated steel sheet, ensuring extreme durability and stability.
  • Built-in pull-out waste separation system: Movable plastic lid - the two inner bins can be pulled out along a rail.
  • Extra comfort: Removable inner 2 Bins & 20 Liter made of durable plastic with carrying handle allow easy waste removal.
  • The choice is yours: Suitable for hinged door base cabinets from 12 inches - easy to install on the right or left or even in the center.
  • Comfort, design and hygiene in your home: Wellmax built-in pull-out waste bins are discrete, always at hand, and take away no floor space in the room.
  • Capacity : 20L
  • Dimension (D x W x H) : 19 x 10.5 x 16 inch
  • Cabinet Size : 12 inch