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Panasonic Blender MX SM1031 steel cutter

Panasonic Blender MX SM1031 steel cutter

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The Panasonic Blender MX SM1031 steel cutter is a versatile machine that can be used in a variety of industries. It has a cutting width of 10 inches and a cutting depth of 3 inches, making it a great option for smaller jobs. The machine is also lightweight and easy to transport, making it a great choice for use in manufacturing plants and other industrial settings.

With the Panasonic MX-SM1031Blender 2 in 1, you’ll enjoy a delicious, healthy juice every morning. This blender can handle even the toughest ingredients with a powerful 350-watt motor and 1-liter capacity. The unique “Seal and Lock” system ensures that your drink stays fresh and tasty until you’re ready to drink it. The included personal cup lets you take your favorite drink with you on the go.