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One-piece Wind Shield Bracket Gas Stove

One-piece Wind Shield Bracket Gas Stove

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Bullet Points:
1、High-Quality Material: This heat-insulating shelf is made of high-quality alloy material, which is resistant to high temperature and does not turn yellow, and is easy to clean.
2、Nonslip and Practical: The non-slip tooth design enhances the friction between the pot body and the support, and it is stable and does not shake during cooking.
3、Easy to Install: This fire-gathering bracket can be easily installed. Align the clip of the windshield with the claws of the stove, and put it down directly. It is convenient, quick and easy to operate.
4、Energy Saving: With the stove windshield bracket, the fire can be concentrated and not dispersed, and the heat is locked. It only needs about 2/3 of the original firepower to achieve the original firepower effect to reduce heat energy loss.
5、Widely Used: This Energy-Saving Cover can be used with all kinds of stoves, because it adopts a card slot design, the card slot can firmly hold the stove claw.
This fire-gathering bracket is designed with anti-slip teeth to enhance the friction between the pot body and the bracket, and it is stable and does not shake when cooking.
Name: Energy-saving windshield
Material: Aluminum iron
Process: One-piece stamping forming
Style: 4-claw/5-claw/8-claw (4-claw 5-claw bracket universal)
Size: as shown in the pictures
Application: suitable for large and small pots
Packing List:
1*Energy-Saving Windshield
1. The eight-claw bracket is a universal type for 4-claw and 5-claw products.
2. There may be some tolerance in manual measurement. Please refer to the actual product for the specific size.