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Havells Insta TC 18 Induction Cooktop

Havells Insta TC 18 Induction Cooktop

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Weight2.7 kg
Control SystemTouch Panel
Voltage Range230 Volts
Frequency50 Hz
Display TypeDigital LED Indication
Power Consumption1800 Watts
TypeInduction Cook Top
PowerAC 230 Volts
Manufacture Warranty3 Year Coil Warranty
1 Year Product Warranty

Havells Insta Cook TC 18 Induction Cooktop

Product Description

You can enjoy hassle-free cooking with the Havells Insta Cook TC18 Cooktop. It has a full-touch display that lets you access the features easily. This induction cooktop has a power consumption of up to 1800 W that allows you to cook food in no time. It is integrated with Double MOV technology that protects against voltage fluctuations, thereby ensuring safe use. Moreover, this induction cooktop has auto-pan detection that allows it to operate only when the pan is placed on top of it.

Quick Heating

Thanks to its 1800 W power consumption and eight cooking menu options, this induction cooktop ensures quick and efficient cooking.

Double MOV Technology

Integrated with Double MOV technology, this induction cooktop is safeguarded against voltage fluctuations, thereby ensuring safe usage.

Auto-pan Detection and Auto Turn-off

Courtesy of its auto-pan detection, this induction cooktop functions only when the pan is placed on top of it. Moreover, its safety feature helps stop the operations of the induction cooktop when the pan is not detected.

Low Maintenance

As the glass surface of this induction cooktop is flat, it is easy to clean and ensures proper hygiene, therefore reducing maintenance costs.

Safe to Use

This induction cooktop produces no smoke or flame, making it safe to use and eco-friendly.

Timer Control

The cooking period can be fixed with the help of this induction cooktop's timer, which allows you to set up to three hours in advance.

High-temperature Protection

To avoid product failures due to overheating, this induction cooktop has automatic protection against high temperatures.

Smart Programmes

Thanks to its smart programmes, this induction cooktop ensures hassle-free cooking.

Easy to Carry

Courtesy of its portable design, this induction cooktop is easy to carry anywhere.