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Electric Shock Joke Chewing Gum

Electric Shock Joke Chewing Gum

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  • 1、Electric Chewing Gum Prank Toys look like real chewing gum, you can't help but want to chew it! Electric Chewing Gum can be reused many times.
  • 2、When your friends reach for the gum, give them a quick and gentle shake. The Electric Shock Joke Chewing Gum makes them scream and jump in surprise.
  • 3、This fun Electric Chewing Gum lets you trick your users with electric shocks when they use them! Watch them scream in shock when they pick up your realistic chewing gum and get severely shaken!
  • 4、Our Electric Chewing Gum Prank Toy is made of ABS material, which is strong and durable. Shocking Pen Fun Toy is excellent in quality and exquisite in craftsmanship, which provides a long performance life.
  • 5、You can give the novel Electric Chewing Gum as a gift to your best friend. When he gets electrocuted, he will remember you forever. Electric Chewing Gum toys are dedicated to bringing joy to everyone!